Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday Briefs

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A woman in Chicago got quite a surprise when she found 32 stolen baby Jesus statues in her yard. She then “panicked” and donated them to her church immediately. So far, 14 of the babies have been returned to their owners.

LONDON – A new survey reveals that fewer than half of children between the age of 7 to eleven think Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Only 44 percent thought it was for Jesus, while 24 percent think it’s about giving out presents.

SAN FRANCISCO – Strippers in San Francisco are doing their part for the children this holiday season. More than 700 exotic dancers are donating about $15,000 in tip money to Toys for Tots from now until Christmas.

NEW YORK – A media CEO paid $280,000 for an original handwritten copy of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic 1860 holiday poem, “A Visit From St. Nicholas” – aka “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” The buyer received the rare copy just in time to read it to his friends and family at a holiday gathering. There are only three other copies known to exist of the poem, which was originally written in 1822, and all of them are in museums.
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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A baby is in the hospital after his grandmother put him in a plastic bin and sent him through the X-ray machine at the Los Angeles International Airport. The infant was taken to the hospital and does not have a dangerous dose of radiation. This is only the second time in 20 years that a child has accidentally gone through the X-ray machine.

CLAYTON, Ga. – Parents of students at an elementary school in Clayton, Georgia, were shocked to discover a 4th Grade teacher was tying up misbehaving students during a field trip. The teacher told the students she would tie them up with a jump rope if they misbehaved, and when the students didn’t take her seriously she put rope around their wrists and escorted them around the museum.

RICHMOND, Va. – Several residents in Richmond, Virginia, were concerned about Arabic graffiti on city buses – thinking it might be code for a terrorist plot. Upon investigation, officials say the messages simply read: Rock, paper, scissors.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Sylvester Stallone admits that one reason he decided to make his latest Rocky sequel, Rocky Balboa, is because he was jealous of SpongeBob SquarePants. He tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that every time he tries to get his kids to watch one of his films, they would respond that they’d rather watch SpongeBob instead. There was another reason he made the movie. As he puts it, “[The kids] thought I played golf for a living.”

HOLLYWOOD – Matthew Fox is becoming synonymous with airline disasters. His hit TV show, Lost, began with a plane crash and his new film, We Are Marshall, centers around a real-life tragedy where most of the members of the 1970 Marshall University football team perished when their plane went down. Fox tells Jeanne Wolf he didn’t notice the coincidence until his Lost co-star Jorge Garcia sent him an e- mail reading, You can’t seem to escape plane crashes.

HOLLYWOOD – Matthew Fox admits he’s constantly pestered by people who want to know where Lost is headed. He personally likes to be surprised by books and films but admits he can’t help but want to fake people out. As he tells Jeanne Wolf: “I’ll look them straight in the eye and say, ‘You ready? I’m gonna tell you.’ And, then they’ll go, ‘No! No, no. Don’t tell me.’ I call their bluff.”

HOLLYWOOD – Clive Owen found a way to keep his foot in reality while filming the Sci-Fi thriller, Children Of Men. He filmed most of his scenes wearing flip-flops. The movie concerns a man who is trying to get a pregnant woman to a safe place where she can give birth and Owen filmed most of his scenes in flip-flops because, he tells Jeanne Wolf, “[The director] has an aversion to cliche action scenes.” Although Owen didn’t like becoming what he calls “the film set’s foot fetish,” he approves of the decision to flip-flop. As he puts it, “It was a real stroke of genius to see me limping my way through some suspenseful moments.”

HOLLYWOOD – Naomi Watts found it easy working with real-life lover Liev Schreiber on The Painted Veil – except when they filmed a love scene. She confesses to Jeanne Wolf that she had to work “extra hard” on their love scenes to make sure none of her true personality came through. As she puts it, “I don’t want people to think this is how we do it when we’re not acting.”

HOLLYWOOD – Cate Blanchett has received all sorts of accolades for her acting, but her strangest compliment may be the one she received from Heath Ledger for her portrayal of Bob Dylan in the upcoming bio-pic, I’m Not There. Ledger – who also plays the enigmatic songwriter in the movie – says Blanchett’s performance is so spot on that she “actually smelled like Dylan.” Blanchett would like to return the favor but tells Jeanne Wolf she can’t because, to put it bluntly, “I didn’t sniff Heath’s armpits, so I can’t tell you whether he smelled like Dylan, but he probably did.”

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