Friday, September 29, 2006

‘Italian Seinfeld’ Keeps It Clean Like Bill Cosby

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An Italian comic from Queensland, Australia, may be billed as the “Italian Jerry Seinfeld” but he thinks he’s more like Bill Cosby.

Joe Avati says he got that moniker when he was first starting out and the Australian media didn’t know how to classify him.

The name stuck but Avati says he’s flattered by the comparison. Still, he’s surprised that he’s never heard Seinfeld described as the “New York version of Joe Avati.”

Despite the compliment, Avati says he likens his comedy more to Cosby because he “keeps it clean” and doesn’t rely on ethic stereotypes to carry his show.

As he puts it, “There’s no sex, drugs or religion in my show – nothing that will offend anybody.”

Says Avati: “I’m like Cosby if he was Italian, shorter, had one eyebrow and wore a gold chain.”

Avati kicks off his North American tour in Newark, New Jersey next Friday (Oct. 6).

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