Thursday, September 28, 2006

‘Ring’ Scene Chosen Scariest Movie Moment Of All

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When it comes to scary movie moments, a scene from The Ring takes the prize with film fans.

According to a survey by Blockbuster, 13 percent say the scene where Samara crawls out of the television set is the No. 1 most haunting moment.

Meanwhile, 8 percent pick the scene from Hannibal where Anthony Hopkins dines on Ray Liotta’s head as the scariest moment.

  • 7 percent are spooked by the final chase scene in The Blair Witch Project.

  • 6 percent are freaked out by Linda Blair’s spinning head in The Exorcist.

  • 5 percent are horrified by the scene in Nightmare In Elm Street where Freddie Krueger drags his victim across the ceiling.

    Finally, 4 percent of moviegoers say the moment in Poltergeist where Carol Anne announces “They’re heeee-eere” gives them the willies.

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