Monday, September 4, 2006

Don’t Pick An Attractive Maid Of Honor And Other Bizarre Wedding Tips

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ladies, if you’re getting married and want to ensure you enjoy your wedding, here’s a tip: Pick your ugliest friend to be maid of honor.

That’s one of the bizarre bridal tips in a new book, Where To Seat Aunt Edna And 500 Other Great Wedding Tips (Hundreds Of Heads).

The idea behind it is that a good-looking maid of honor or bridesmaid will take away the focus from the bride on her big day.

Other weird wedding tips from folks who’ve tied the knot include...

  • Don’t get a kitten two weeks before you marry. It will attack your feet and basically add lots of stress when your nerves are already frazzled.

  • Do make bets with your future spouse as to which guest will wear white to the wedding, who will be the first person to get drunk and who will perform the lewdest dance during the reception.

  • Finally, one bride suggests not avoiding kinky sex on the honeymoon -- it will only give the groom unrealistic expectations of your future sex life.

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