Thursday, July 20, 2006

Texas Cartoonist Hopes There’s A ‘Passion’ For Graphic Christian Graphic Novels

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – In recent years, there’s been a big spike of interest in graphic novels – except in the Christian market.

But one Dallas-based artist is praying he can change things with a new series that is geared as much towards skeptics as the saved.

Bob Luedke is the author of the Eye Witness trilogy, which is a graphic account of the last days of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of a forensic anthropologist.

As such, he takes into account historical data from Roman historians as much as TheBible’s gospels, even if he does take artistic license by including lines of dialogue like, We’re gonna kick Roman butt that aren’t exactly historically accurate.

Luedke admits his work was influenced as much by Monty Python’s Life Of Brian as The Bible and says it’s because that film, more than others, deals accurately with “...the social implications of 1st century Jerusalem.”

Some fundamentalists have been cross with Luedke’s books but he’s proud that at least one church pastor predicted more kids would read his comics than The Bible.

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