Monday, June 5, 2006

In The Business World, Bull■■■t Trumps All

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Business schools are supposed to teach the finer points of finance, but one London-based business expert thinks the grads are sorely lacking in the art of detecting “bulls■■t.

Graham Edmonds, author of The Business Of Bullshit (Plume), says the business world is built on bulls■■t phrases like “Giving 110 percent,” “being proactive” or “I’m aligned with you.”

Edmonds says, in some ways, bulls■■t is necessary because “the language provides a way to be non-confrontational” even though “it’s often used by people who are trying to sound smarter than they really are.”

However, Edmonds warns that bulls■■t can only take a person so far up the corporate ladder and points to reality shows like The Apprentice and Martha Stewart: The Apprentice as proof.

In his words, “I’ve been impressed at how both Stewart and Donald Trump weed out the weak contestants based on how much bulls■■t they spew. Particularly the moment where Stewart told a candidate, ‘All you do is talk but you don’t do anything.’”

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