Friday, May 5, 2006

Derby Day Data

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The Kentucky Derby takes place tomorrow (May 6) in Louisville, Kentucky, and if you want to make a killing, place close attention to the thoroughbred’s mother and the size of her heart.

According to horse racing journalist Marianna Haun, female horses carry a chromosome that determines the size of her offspring’s heart.

She says horses with large hearts are much more likely to win races and points to Secretariat, whose 22-pound pumper was three times bigger than the average horse and allowed him to run longer and stronger than the others.

Other Derby Day data that will get the hearts of horseracing fans thumping:

  • The Kentucky Derby was first held in 1875 and the jockey who rode the winning horse, Aristides, won $2,850.

  • In 1970, Diana Crump became the first female jockey in the Derby and finished 15 out of a field of 17 riders.

  • Finally, most of the winning horses at the Derby live out their lives on stud farms but the 1986 winner, Ferdinand ended up being slaughtered in 2002 and was most likely turned into dog food.

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