Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Entrepreneur Doesn’t Want To Get Trumped By The Donald

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The creator of an online dating company wants to get hired by Donald Trump so badly that he has started a website in honor of the millionaire.

Entrepreneur Stephen Scott created so The Donald will see he means business and give him a call about investing in his site.

The site caters to young professionals and Scott figures it fits in perfectly with The Apprentice crowd and should get Trump’s attention.

As he puts it, “Trump invests in everything from cologne to hotels – why not jump on the booming online dating industry?”

In fact, Scott is so confident that Trump will want to invest that he plans on handing over half of his company to him if he just gives him a call.

Although Scott has never tried out for The Apprentice, he says he would put everything on hold if Trump encourages him to apply.

While he’s more than willing to become Trump’s gopher, Scott will continue to play boss until the big call comes – and that includes uttering the infamous Trump phrase “You’re Fired” to the member of his team who spelled the words “you are” as “your” in his web address.

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