Friday, April 14, 2006

Pig Spleens Predict Snow In Saskatchewan

TOMPKINS, Saskatchewan (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The weather man is predicting a sunny day in Tompkins, Saskatchewan, but a sliced pig spleen is predicting rain and snow in the next month.

That’s the word from Glen Wickstrom, a 67-year-old farmer who predicts the weather by examining pig spleens.

It’s an old Wickstrom family tradition that whenever a pig is slaughtered, he removes its spleen and makes weather forecasts based on the various bumps and lumps.

Supposedly, the spleen forecasts are better than those offered by his local weathermen, though Wickstrom admits they only apply to the 200-mile radius surrounding his farm.

As he puts it, “In order for me to predict the weather in an area, I need a pig spleen from the area where a forecast is desired.”

This farm animal forecaster is getting good results from pig spleens but is considering trying the technique with wild boar or moose spleen.

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