Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bully For You!: Author Helps Twerps Cope

WESTON, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – New studies show that gifted kids are especially vulnerable to bullying, which is a why a man in Weston, Connecticut, is taking a swing at helping kids cope.

Dickon Pownall-Gray is a self-proclaimed “former target of bullying” who has punched out a new book, Surviving Bullies Workbook (

Surprisingly, he also claims that bullying is actually a human survival instinct that reinforces hierarchy. As he puts it, “bullies push you out of a group and the more bystanders the greater the power they have.

There are some ways to reduce the stress of it. Pownall-Gray says making more of an effort to dress like others or be knowledgeable of their interests helps you blend in enough to minimize abuse.

Also, you can reduce the risk of being picked on by not raising your hand too quickly in class or by practicing jokes at home in a mirror before you try them out on classmates.

Finally, if other kids are bullying you on a regular basis, lay off the junk food for a while. Pownall-Gray says eating lots of junk food promotes “glucose crashes,” which he compares to “letting yourself be kicked when you are down.”

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