Monday, April 10, 2006

Animal Expert Plays Pocket Pet Psychologist

NEW YORK. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A lot of New Yorkers like pocket pool but just as many like pocket pets.

That’s straight from the horse’s mouth of pet expert Marc Marrone, who hosts The Pet Shop, an on-demand show airing on the satellite TV network Mag Rack.

Marrone – who took care of Martha Stewart’s pets while she was in the slammer – says lots of Big Apple residents are giving up the dogs and cats for rodents like ferrets, gerbils and, especially, hamsters.

But some potential problems are dogging the rat lovers. Marrone says if owners are not educated about their furry friends, they could end up like one of his callers who incorrectly picked up his gerbil by the tail –and the tail fell off.

On the other hand, understanding the critters’ psychological needs is just as important as their physical well- being.

As Marrone puts it, “Small animals have a sense of identity” and are not a “stepping-stone” to pets like dogs and cats.

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