Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beware Of Office Pranks On Friday And Monday

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – April Fool’s Day falls on Saturday (April 1) but if you think that will give you a reprieve from office pranks, the joke’s on you.

That’s the word from Mike Erwin, who recently did a prank survey for and is the company’s self- proclaimed “resident jokester.”

He says that because April Fool’s Day is being held on a weekend, a lot of people are expecting to get pranked on Friday (Mar. 31).

However, he predicts the real workplace jokers will take advantage of that by coming in to the office over the weekend and laying plans for a “Monday surprise.”

Erwin says some of the more popular pranks this year include....

  • Changing a caller ID on a co-worker’s phone to read something silly, like “Mr. Kitten,” everytime they place a call.

  • Wallpapering a person’s entire cubicle with their photos.

  • Finally, try sitting on a copier and placing the copies back in the paper bin so everyone gets a piece of your ass.

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