Monday, January 30, 2006

Researcher Claims Crop Circles Contain Messages From Aliens

CAIRNS, Australia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Here’s news that will make your head spin in circles: An Australian crop circle researcher claims that field patterns hold the answer to all of humanity’s problems.

Until his death last year, researcher Edward Voysey had been unlocking the secrets of crop circles and put them into his e- book Origin of the Origin & Nature of Reality (

According to his business partner, Mark Mitchelson, Voysey’s I.Q. was off the chart.

Mitchelson says his pal was using complex ancient sacred geometry concepts to conclude that crop circles are communications from higher life forms – most likely extraterrestrials.

Mitchelson says the messages are so complex that “we’re too dumb to understand. It’s like the movie Close Encounters where the aliens are talking in music that we can’t understand.”

But he claims Voysey understood it and unraveled a new Periodic Table of Elements with five yet-to-be discovered elements.

Also encoded in the message is believed to be solutions to globalization and environmental issues.

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