Tuesday, November 22, 2005

‘Urban Dictionary’ Gives You Street Cred

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Speaking the Queen’s English is nice, but it won’t help you when you’re “co-chillin” and your “bro” asks if you want to “cook bricks.”

Luckily, there’s the Urban Dictionary (Andrews McMeel), a new lexicon of street slang – a collection of 2,000 definitions of trendy phrases appearing at urbandictionary.com.

According to author Aaron Peckham, “cook bricks” is a term a good friend might use to ask if you’d like to prepare freebase cocaine.

Meanwhile, a “mash” is a verb meaning “to engage in sexual foreplay or heavy petting,” but it shouldn’t be confused with “mashed” – meaning “seriously drunk or high on drugs.”

Also, lovers know they’re on “farting terms” when they reach the milestone in their relationship when they both feel comfortable farting in front of each other.

Finally, if someone tells you that you’re “suckin’ diesel” you’ll know things are “going exceptionally well.”

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