Friday, November 18, 2005

L.A. Woman Offers Condolences To Traveling Moms

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An L.A. woman has gone from griping about screaming babies on airplanes to helping the moms who have to fly with the rugrats.

Her name is Ally Conley and she runs a company called Baby Delish, which makes life easier for frazzled moms visiting LaLa Land by greeting them at the airport with a baby-ready limo – complete with “boppy” pillow for breastfeeding moms or cocktails for non-breastfeeders – and high-end baby equipment rentals, like pricey Bugaboo strollers.

She wasn’t always as motherly. Conley admits before she had her own child she was “one of those people on the plane who said, ‘Shut that baby up!’”

Conley now recreates bicoastal babies’ rooms – like the $12,000 copy of a Connecticut nursery room she did in a family’s Malibu beach house – and also “baby- proofs” hotel rooms full of sharp angles and electrical hazards, which to her is the equivalent of saying, “Here, child! Run with these scissors with a bag over your head as fast as you can.”

While Conley has celebrity clients, mums the word on who they are. She laments, “Extra wants to do a story on us but I can’t give them the names.”

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