Thursday, October 20, 2005

When You Flirt, Do You Have ‘Glibido’ Or ‘Glibidiocy’?

KATOWNAH, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When it comes to flirting, chances are, you either have “glibido” or you’re just a “glibidiot.”

That’s the word from flirting expert Eve Marx, author of Read My Hips: The Sexy Art Of Flirtation (Polka Dot Press).

Marx says a person who has “glibido” is someone who knows how to flirt with anything and anyone – dogs, cats, grandmas – but tends to be all talk and no action.

Meanwhile, “glibidiots” babble while flirting and say inappropriate things like “I just can’t stop staring at your breasts. Are they real?” or worse: “I love you.”

Both flirting styles sound obnoxious but Marx says people with glibido can be lots of fun as long as you take their flirty comments with a grain of a salt.

Still, Marx says “glibidiots” have a certain clueless charm that makes them attractive.

While neither style is preferred, Marx says a person with glibido is better matched with a “glibidiot” and vice versa.

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