Monday, September 12, 2005

Men Get A Different Message From Womens’ Shoes

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ladies, you may get a kick out of your shoes, but men are probably getting an entirely different message.

According to former footwear journalist Susan Reynolds, author of the new book, Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life (Polka Dot Press), women wear shoes to make statements, but men get the completely opposite idea.

For instance, a woman who wears shoes with ankle-wraps wants to tell the world she has perfect ankles but it tells men she’s into bondage.

  • A woman who wears athletic shoes thinks she’s implying she’s “sporty” but men believe she never thinks about sex.

  • A female in flip flops thinks she’s trendy but men assume she’s a cheapskate.

  • A woman wears platforms to announce she’s bold and adventurous but men think she’s trying to overcompensate for being petite.

    Finally, women might wear sandals because they feel they have gorgeous feet but Reynolds says men get the impression that the lady wants her toes licked right then and there.

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