Friday, September 2, 2005

Hollywood’s Language A Real Head Scratcher

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you’re on a film set and someone tells you to “strike the baby and kill the blonde,” don’t worry: They’re not asking you to commit murder.

It sounds bad, but it’s actually a phrase used by film crews when there’s a need to remove a one kilowatt spotlight from a movie set and switch off a two kilowatt quartz light.

The violent-sounding slang is just one of the offbeat film terms featured in Strike the Baby and Kill the Blonde (Three Rivers Press), a book by cameraman Dave Knox that gives a behind the scenes look at film set lingo.

Other unsettling slang terms used on film sets include “choker,” which refers to an extremely tight close-up and a “lookie-loo,” which is a gawking passerby who might potentially ruin a shot being filmed.

Meanwhile, the term “in the can” refers to when the intended shot or scene is completed to everyone’s satisfaction and the completed film is literally placed inside a tin can.

Finally, “two tees” is how a director asks for a close-up shot of an actress’ cleavage.

Strike the Baby and Kill the Blonde hits stores this month.

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