Tuesday, August 9, 2005

London’s Subway Attacks Predicted In Novel

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Newspapers in England have reported that British authorities knew of the terrorist attacks several weeks prior to the July 7 bombings, but one author predicted it nearly a year ago.

Author Greg Rucka’s thriller novel, A Gentleman’s Game (Bantam), which was published last October, opens with a series of explosions, set by terrorists, in high traffic subway stations around London.

Rucka says, “It’s alarming to see how close we got to it.”

Even more alarming, he says, is that he pinpointed in his book that the terrorists were Pakistani.

And already there are similarities brewing in Rucka’s upcoming book, Private Wars, due out this October. It deals with terrorists from Uzbekistan, and as Rucka says, “After the manuscript went to bed, Uzbekistan was in the news.”

Rucka dismisses the idea that his or other author’s books are used as a blueprint for terrorism.

He sums it up saying, “We want to believe they’re not terribly bright, but that’s a big mistake on our part.”

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