Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why Washington Was Infertile; Lincoln Was Tall; And Napoleon Had Boobs

ATLANTA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Is it possible that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon suffered from a genetic disorder called Klinefelter syndrome?

Starting, Friday (Jul. 29), geneticists will discuss the possibility that the historic figures could have suffered from the disorder at The American Association for Klinefelter Syndrome Information and Support conference in Atlanta.

Individuals with Klinefelter syndrome have an extra X chromosome and it occurs in one out of 500 men.

Conference spokeswoman Marge Garvin says physical traits of someone who has the disorder can include infertility like Washington’s, tall stature like Lincoln’s and gynecomastia – male breast tissue – like Napoleon’s.

Washington was also known for wearing wooden dentures, which could have been caused by periodontia – another sign of the syndrome.

Garvin says identifying the genetic boo-boo is important because it increases the risk for autoimmune disorders, type II diabetes and other health problems.

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