Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reality Show Host Prefers Fakeovers To Makeovers

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – TV makeover shows are common, so reality show host Sam Phillips relishes the chance to do “fakeovers” instead.

Phillips hosts the reality series, Xtreme Fakeovers, which allows average folks to prank their friends with the help of dialect coaches, makeup artists and body language experts.

One episode featured a fortysomething housewife who was transformed into a male Hispanic DEA agent who supposedly found drugs on her husband.

Some contestants have an easier job of faking it than others. One guy was so famous for his frantic hand gestures that the director ordered him to keep his hands in his pockets at all times.

Phillips is enjoying dishing out the fakeover but she can also take it. She hosts a weekly radio show and tried to pull a fakeover prank on her station bosses – only to have the Xtreme Fakeover crew rat her out and turn the tables.

As she puts it, “They had me thinking I had lost my job.”

Xtreme Fakeovers airs Sundays on PAX-TV.

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