Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Society Needs More ‘Rapturists,’ Less Terrorists

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An out-of-this-world astrologer wants to make the world a better place – by making people be “rapturists” instead of terrorists.

Rob Brezsny claims he has lots of ideas that promote “less gloom and doom and more boom and zoom” and has compiled them in a new book, PRONOIA Is The Antidote to Paranoia (North Atlantic Books).

For instance, he suggests being a “rapturist” – someone who unleashes blessings on unsuspecting recipients – to counteract the negative effects of terrorists.

He does this by dressing up in his finest suit and giving away money at a highway exit.

Brezsny says it feels good, but surprisingly, “The Pintos don’t really stop. The people most likely to take the money are in Lexuses and BMWs.”

Another idea Brezsny has is to convince Oprah Winfrey to buy up all the Pizza Huts and convert them into “menstrual huts” where ladies and gents alike could “drop out of the crazy-making 9-to-5 and take bubble baths.”

Although he has contacted the talk show diva personally, she has yet to respond to the idea.

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