Monday, May 9, 2005

New Book Turns Average Joe Into Batman

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An upcoming book is shedding some light on how to be like the Dark Knight.

The Batman Handbook (Quirk) is a training manual for crime fighters who want to be like the Caped Crusader, who, as author Scott Beatty says, is pretty much the only superhero you can train for because the job doesn’t require super powers.

Step one is obvious: “Make a solemn pledge to uphold the law,” but the book also explains how to place a bat emblem on your Batsuit so criminals will shoot bullets at the Kevlar panel instead of the unprotected face.

Also, Beatty says when designing a utility belt, there are certain “bat must-haves” such as a grappling hook, tear gas, digital camera and, of course the “Batarang.” If you can’t find one of those, Beatty says standard boomerangs will also work.

Finally, the how-to guide also gives this catty advice on disarming the Catwoman: When she whips her cat-o-nine tails around your arm, give it a quick yank to whip it out of her hands.

The Batman Handbook hits stores in June.

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