Friday, April 1, 2005

Words Every Rock Snob Should Know

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It takes a lot more than listening to rock music to be a true “rock snob.” It also takes a large vocabulary.

That’s the word from authors David Kamp and Steven Daly, who have just compiled The Rock Snob’s Dictionary (Broadway Books), a lexicon containing the quintessential terms that every rock snob worth his Salt ’N’ Pepa must know.

It’s not enough to say a guitar solo is good. A true rock snob will describe it as “coruscating,” an adjective meaning, “giving forth flashes of light.”

Other terms that will be music to the ears of any rock snob include “plangent,” which means “loud and resounding” and is used when discussing any nonaggressive guitar-based music.

  • “Skronk” is how you describe atonal instruments as in, “That guitar solo became more cathartic with every fillip, blast and skronk.”

  • Finally, the authors say that if a band breaks up before their style of music becomes popular, a true rock snob describes them as “seminal.”

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