Thursday, February 24, 2005

Nikki McKibbin’s Son The Real Factor Behind ‘Fear Factor’ Appearance

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Former American Idol runner-up Nikki McKibbin appears on Fear Factor Monday (Feb. 28) and she says her son was the biggest factor in her decision to appear.

Fear Factor is the favorite show of her 8-year-old son, Tristen, and he insisted she appear on it when she got the offer.

It was a bit harrowing. McKibbin says she’s afraid of heights and the very first stunt required her to shimmy across a rope suspended between two helicopters hovering 20 feet above water.

The singer ended up doing a lot of screaming, which wasn’t good for her throat since she was recording a Christmas album at the same time as the shoot.

Still, McKibbin is happy she did the show since it has raised her son’s opinion of her. As she puts it, “He’s impressed I ate the bugs.”

Now that McKibbin’s Fear Factor appearance is in the past, she is focused on music and hopes to release her debut CD “on a major label” sometime in 2006.

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