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BYOB To Race Big Wheels

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 17:11 GMT

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – At one wild racing event, the rule is BYOB along with BYOBW.

The 10th Annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race is skidding into San Francisco this Sunday (Apr. 4), where adrenaline junkies race down Portrero Hill in Big Wheel kid’s bikes.

According to event creator Jon Brumit, attendees tend to BYOB – bring their own booze – along with their Big Wheel, and the results are typically loud and bloody.

He says people often get so drunk they “forget it’s a non-contact sport” which has lead to hernias, sprained ankles, and one man who literally tore a chunk out of his leg.

Those injured seem to take their scars in stride though, even sending Brumit photos of their bloody bodies, asking for their boo-boos to be featured on the event website.

In the end, Brumit says the race proves that there’s “not an age where you’re too old to ride a big, plastic bike.”