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Bubble Gum Sales Blow Up In Recession

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 17:08 GMT

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The economy blows, but the bubble gum industry refuses to pop.

According to research by Mintel, the gum, mints, and breath- fresheners market has grown by more than 10 percent since 2007 despite the sucky economy.

Experts believe gum and mints are faring well due to their low price points. Consumers also feel like they’re getting a small treat.

Sales continue to inflate with the help of innovative packaging and unique flavor combos. The Orbit brand, for example, has launched flavors like Sangria Fresca.

Though there’s an emphasis on the health benefits of gum – such as whitening teeth and overall oral hygiene – most chewers just care about having fresh breath.

And they’re willing to share.

Nearly half claim to give away pieces to friends, but only 6 percent will offer gum to co-workers, so as to not imply that they have stinky breath.