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Monster Underneath Marilyn Monroe

Friday, March 5, 2010 17:02 GMT

WHEELING, W.Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Beneath the iconic Andy Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe lies a monster.

In his series of graphically-enhanced images, artist Jesse Lenz takes the famous pop art portrait of Monroe and layers it over the faces of the world’s most evil people, giving them her bright yellow hair and sultry makeup.

Among the “Marilynized” are fascists, communists, dictators, murderers, and oppressors like Adolf Hitler, Che Guevara, Freddie Krueger and Chucky.

Lenz says his images wag a finger at how evil people are often turned into heroes and icons.

Even unlikely figures, like Barack Obama and The Count from Sesame Street get outed for their evil ways.

He explains, “No matter how much popular culture or the mass media tries to dress up and beautify these people, they’re still monsters.”

His goal is get people to look “past the media hype and celebrity masks” of icons and see them for what they really are.