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Fake Cowboys Wear Tight Jeans

Friday, January 29, 2010 17:11 GMT

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Contrary to popular belief, tight Wranglers don’t make the cowboy.

Just ask Michael Martin Murphey, the No. 1 cowboy music singer in the world best known for his hit “Wildfire.”

Murphey – who often performs atop his horse – can spot a fake cowboy from a mile away, especially when they’re wearing extremely tight jeans.

Whenever he sees mainstream country singers donning skin-tight denim in music videos he laughs because, “There’s no way you can do work on a ranch wearing Wranglers like that.”

He believes being an authentic cowboy can’t be faked, even with hats, spurs, and boots.

Murphey says true cowboy music is about “horses, cattle, and the land,” not the cheating and drinking that goes on in country songs.

He thinks his “practical” lyrics and the way he sits on his horse really resonates with working rural and agricultural audiences.

His latest album, Buckaroo Blue Grass, is up for a Grammy.