Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Man Is A ‘Waffleizer’

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One Chicago man is a real “waffleizer.”

Dan Shumski is a big fan of sweet, syrupy waffles, but even he needs to cleanse his palate sometimes.

That’s where his trusty waffle maker comes in, which he uses to create delicious – though sometimes disastrous – dishes, documenting the recipes on waffleizer.com.

So far he’s made a waffle cheeseburger, waffle s’mores, waffle bread pudding, and waffle hash browns.

Though he may relish the moments he cooks with regular pots and pans, Shumski says a person could create an entire meal with just a waffle maker and sustain themselves forever.

The clean up is pretty minimal when cooking with a waffle iron and there are endless meal possibilities.

In fact, he’s had his waffle maker for 20 years and it’s always yielded new and yummy treats.

However, he doesn’t recommend eating all “waffleized” meals, because that would be a bit excessive.

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