Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guys Prefer Bacon To Babies

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Newborn babies may smell sweet, but guys are more drawn to the scent of bacon frying.

According to a recent poll, British men prefer the smell of bacon frying, freshly-baked bread, clean sheets, and freshly- mowed grass to that of a newborn.

They also enjoy sniffing fish-and-chips, fresh coffee, and the air after it rains.

Women say bread, grass, clean sheets, fresh flowers, and vanilla are their favorite scents.

Vomit, B.O., wet dogs, smelly feet, and public bathrooms are the worst smells.

Aromas affect one’s mood, as 92 percent of women say a nice scent has the ability to change their mood and make them happy.

Many claim they’re fond of pleasant smells that remind them of childhood memories or someone they love.

In fact, catching a whiff of a partner’s aftershave on a passer-by raises a smile in 80 percent of Brits.

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