Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Runner-Up Saves ‘Survivor’

DAYTON, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The hugely popular reality show Survivor has been saved by one evil loudmouth.

After coming in second place on Survivor: Samoa this past Sunday (Dec. 20), season villain Russell Hantz is not happy, especially since he feels his conniving, manipulative behavior on the show has kept it from being canceled.

He says, “I think I revived Survivor. I think they would’ve had a season 20 then shut down. If I wasn’t there, it would be over. Because of me they’ll have a season 21 and 22.”

Not only did the show benefit from his “evil” tendencies, winner Natalie White and every other player who followed Hantz’s orders got ahead too.

Hantz barks, “I was doing everything to get them further in the game, but they still voted me out.”

All Hantz wanted was the title and would’ve paid White off with his prize money to get it since he’s already a millionaire.

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