Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Doctor Sick Of $18,000 Headaches

KENT, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A doctor in Ohio is sick of healthcare headaches – especially ones that cost $18,000 to treat.

Dr. Michael Pryce, author of ANATHEMA: America’s War On Medicine (Trafford), says a few basics must change before America’s healthcare can be reformed, starting with liability practices.

Doctors are being constantly sued for malpractice due to restrictions put on them by insurance companies.

Pryce knows of a patient who was charged $18,000 in medical bills for treating a headache.

The doctor -- who was sued four times earlier by other patients suffering from headaches -- administered every test possible: from pricey MRIs to spinal taps to make sure the patient didn’t have a serious disease he could sue for later.

The insurance company didn’t cover the “defensive medicine,” so the patient was stuck with the hefty bill.

Besides tackling liability, Pryce is challenging Congress to go on the same medical plan they’re asking the public to accept.

Without “politicians’ hands in the pot,” he thinks healthcare can grow successfully and become more manageable.

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