Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frogs Face Mass Extinction

PANAMA CITY (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Kermit isn’t going to like this news: Frogs are facing rapid extinction worldwide.

Dr. Kerry Kriger runs Save The Frogs, an organization that protects frogs and spreads awareness about their declining populations.

He says frogs are one of the most threatened animal groups on the planet and more education is needed on their extinction.

Humans need to stop eating, dissecting, and taking frogs from the wild before they hop out on us forever.

Kriger says frogs contribute significantly to society.

They eat ticks, mosquitos, and fleas which carry deadly diseases, tadpoles eat algae which helps keep our waters clean, and 10 percent of all Noble Prizes in science and medicine can be attributed to research done on frogs.

Kriger is currently hosting a Frog Art Contest on where folks vote on submissions from around the world.

The winning art will be featured on T-shirts used to raise money for frog conservation efforts.

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