Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VHS Tapes Contain Weird Footage

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – VHS tapes often contain awkward, hilarious moments.

The Found Footage Festival, which is traveling the U.S. starting tomorrow (Sep. 24) in Los Angeles, brings the weirdest videos from random places to the big screen.

They’ve included a McDonald’s janitor training video, which co-founder Nick Prueher found in the break room of a Wisconsin Mickey D’s, that started the whole project more than 15 years ago.

The show will also feature a tape of a man dancing in women’s clothing to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, discovered at an estate sale, and a cheesy dating video from 1987.

Prueher says the mullet-sporting men in the video “clearly don’t have anything to offer,” what with their terrible ’80s sweaters and high expectations, but are still picky about the women they’re willing to date.

He adds, “Not that I’m an expert at getting laid, but that’s just not the way.”

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