Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Off With Barbie’s Head!

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Barbie turned 50 this year, and artists are celebrating by chopping her up.

The 7th Annual Altered Barbie Exhibit takes place at the Shotwell 50 Studios in San Francisco this Thursday (Sep. 10) through October 4.

At the event, artists will display Barbies that they’ve cut, chopped, melted, and remolded to make social commentary on the female perspective, including a bondage Barbie and a set of “anti-blonde princess” Barbies dressed as grandma bikers, Wiccans, or militants.

One altered piece even pokes fun at the doll’s older age with a Barbie “dream casket” complete with a headstone and shovel.

Spokesperson Matt McKinley says Barbie often gets “maligned” for giving girls an unattainable body image, but these alternatives should give youngins license to explore their creativity.

He explains, “Kids don’t need to understand the artwork. They can enjoy it as something funny. We can’t be responsible if kids go and alter their own Barbie though.”

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