Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Light Brings Furniture To Life

PARIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A little light can really bring furniture to life.

Designer Philippe Boulet is working to turn the world into a “dreamy and fairy-like atmosphere” with his illuminated furniture.

Boulet takes everyday pieces like beds, chairs, and tables, and rigs them with an internal lighting system so they glow brightly in different colors, eliminating the need for lamps.

The designer calls his lit furniture “poems,” and says that by adding light to everyday objects they “come to life,” becoming “actors and giving new soul to a space.”

With his work, Boulet hopes to turn regular old homes into “magical places” that can awaken any person’s senses to appreciate the universe that surrounds them.

He assures that sleeping on a bed that radiates bright light actually helps people fall asleep “softly” and creates an intimate atmosphere.

Plus, it allows people to wake up with their favorite colors since the bed can be programmed to change shades, which ensures a happier day for them.

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