Monday, July 13, 2009

Gay Men Look For Hanky Panky

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Gay men looking for a little hanky panky need only look to the back pocket.

For decades, the “Hanky Code” has been the unspoken way homosexuals identify each other and their sexual preferences.

A certain color hanky folded in the left back pocket denotes someone as a “top” – someone who wants sexual acts performed on them – and a hanky in the right pocket says they’re “bottoms,” willing to perform the acts.

For instance, a houndstooth hanky in the left pocket identifies someone who likes to be bitten during sex.

Dr. Charlie Glickman, of Good Vibrations sex shops, says the hanky code helped closeted gays get action back when it was virtually criminal to be homosexual.

Now, the code has moved into modern times through an iPod application called Grindr, which tells users within close proximity what another person is looking for sexually.

Glickman says this app is the new frontier, and saves straight men who are wearing a hanky from being mistaken for gays.

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