Friday, April 17, 2009

Pot Prices Not Expected To Be Higher On 4/20

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Monday (Apr. 20) is an official stoner holiday, but luckily, pot prices won’t be any higher than usual.

High Times editor-in-chief Steven Hager says that despite the high demand for marijuana on 4/20, the cost of it will remain normal.

That’s great news for stoners, given that pot prices are already steep, costing an average of $300 to $500 per ounce in New York.

But even those with limited cash will be able to toke on 4/20.

Hager says that pot smokers are known to “freely share” their goods with others, and anticipates plenty of doobie passing.

Many stoners will partake in 4:20 ceremonies to honor the history of the very first April 20th smoke-out that happened back in 1971.

According to Hager, 4/20 caught on after a group of high school stoners from San Rafael, California, called “The Walldos” made plans to meet at 4:20 PM to investigate an abandoned pot plant and smoke.

The tokers never found the plant, but they did go down in cannabis history.

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