Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Perfect Prank Is Always Rank

CONVOY, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – April Fool’s Day (Apr. 1) is the best time of year for one putrid practical joke.

According to Allen Wittman – the mastermind behind novelty gag gift “Liquid Ass,” a bottled serum that bears the unmistakable scent of what he calls “back-from- the-gym swamp ass smell” – April Fool’s Day pranks are perfect when they’re rank.

He says, “Novelty items like Liquid Ass are perfect pranks because you can spray a stream of it behind someone and they’d never know it was you. They’d be looking for a busted pipe or something. You can totally get away with it.”

Wittman says April Fool’s Day sees the second highest sales of Liquid Ass, after Christmas, which proves that stinky tricks are favored by amateur pranksters.

Although some might get offended by the offensive smell of Liquid Ass, Wittman says the stinky solution “can lift people’s spirits” during these hard economic times.

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