Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prank Your Pals On April Fool’s (Apr. 1)

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – April Fool’s Day (Apr. 1) is around the corner, and one website is giving dudes a plethora of pranking options.

AXE has launched, which features an instructional talk show and an interactive pranking system for guys to use on their buds who are seriously in need of a game makeover.

For instance, there’s the “Shameful Picture” prank where you take a crazy background from the site – like of a guy in a blue leotard – and upload your friend’s mug into it.

Then there’s the “Suspicious Dating Site” prank, where you create an embarrassing profile for your friend on a fake dating site.

“Wake-Up Pranks,” reserved for the friend who passes out too early, include drawing on their face with marker, throwing a loud blender into their room, and using a bullhorn.

The pranks tie into AXE’s transformational body wash line – “Snake Peel,” “Shock,” “Fever,” and “Recovery” – all made to help guys combat problems like dullness, fatigue, grogginess, and shame from questionable behavior.

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