Thursday, February 12, 2009

DIY Lucky Charms Keep You Safe On Friday The 13th

ROSSVILLE, Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Friday the 13th doesn’t have to be an unlucky day.

So says Don Lewis, chairman of a Wiccan training academy known as “Witch School” in Rossville, Illinois.

Lewis assures that if people carry around a few lucky items with them on the spooky day, negative forces will stay far away.

He recommends carrying a talisman on the 13th, and luckily, anyone can make their own charm.

He says, “A talisman can be anything that’s charge to protect you. You can bless it yourself by saying a prayer to it and imagining it filled with white light. You just tell the object it’s supposed to protect you.”

Lewis also says keeping a magical stone, like hematite, moonstone, turquoise, or sea salt in your pocket will help repel bad luck on the fateful day.

If the 13th seems too scary to deal with, Lewis offers one last option.

He says, “You can stay in bed all day.”

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