Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fake Cupcakes Brighten Up A Lousy Day

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When times are tough, a cupcake brings a smile to people’s faces.

That’s the motto Cakespy, a community of cupcake lovers who “seek sweetness in everyday life,” lives by, and they’re spreading good cheer to the downtrodden with their cupcake street art installations.

Head Cakespy Jessie Oleson and her baking brigade leave pink plaster cupcakes decorated with sweet words in different spots around Seattle, including at an ATM machine with the message, “The economy will be okay,” to help turn people’s frowns upside down.

Oleson says, “Everybody is just so bummed out right now. These aren’t meant to have a huge impact, but if someone is having a bad day, it might make them feel a little happier.”

She believes cupcakes have a special magic about them because they are so “pretty” and bring back warm memories.

However, Oleson doesn’t plan on leaving real cupcakes for sad sacks around town.

She says, “That would be creepy. People wouldn’t know if they were poisoned or not.”

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