Friday, November 7, 2008

Actor Keeps Crafty Practical Joke On The Back Burner

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Former Crossing Jordan actor Steve Valentine is a pro at pulling off a smokin’ practical joke.

Valentine hosts Sci-Fi’s new reality competition Estate of Panic, where contestants scour a creepy mansion for cash only to find surprising tricks and booby traps at every turn.

Valentine knows all about executing the perfect trick on unsuspecting victims since he was a “devious practical joker” as a kid.

His favorite prank he’d play on his pals was the “exploding cigarette,” where he’d stick little explosive “bangers” into the end and middle of a cigarette, put it back in the pack, and wait for the victim to light up.

He laughs, “The explosion was hilarious. It’d go off once at the beginning and then again later, at the middle of the cigarette.”

Valentine always “took credit” for the trick right afterwards, which impressed his friends and influenced them for the better.

He says, “It was a good way to get them to quit smoking!”

Estate of Panic premieres November 12 on Sci-Fi.

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