Friday, October 10, 2008

Man Survives Night In America’s Most Haunted Room

ASHVILLE, N.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One courageous ghost hunter has survived a weird encounter that’s sure to knock skeptics dead.

Earlier this year, ghost researcher Joshua Warren spent two nights alone at the notoriously haunted Myrtle’s Plantation in Louisiana, in what’s believed to be America’s most haunted bedroom.

Warren – who’s visited more than 500 haunted houses in his lifetime – says the paranormal events that went down during the two terrifying nights completely surprised him and confirms, “I’ve never seen a haunting of that magnitude.”

Throughout his stay, Warren heard strange noises and believes he communicated with a spirit.

He heard chilling knocks on the walls that continued all night long, as if a ghost was trying to speak with him through the banging.

Using infrared technology, Warren also found strange stains in the room, which looked like bloody footprints, and he gauged extreme levels of electromagnetic charges – a dead giveaway of a ghostly presence.

Although the experience sent shivers down his spine, Warren plans to go back to the plantation soon with a team of researchers and get to the bottom of the haunting.

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