Wednesday, October 1, 2008

‘America’s Toughest Job’ Has Serious Shortcomings

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Oy vey! The truly toughest job in America has some serious shortcomings.

Thom Beers – who produces America’s Toughest Jobs, a reality series about the most demanding and dangerous jobs – admits the most difficult gig around didn’t make the cut on his show.

Beers says being a Jewish mohel, a trained person who performs circumcisions, has to be the toughest job in the world.

He says, “I’ll bet a mohel’s liability insurance is very high. They have to watch those shaky hands!”

Beers says he would’ve profiled the mohel profession among dangerous gigs like crab fishing, bullfighting, and oil rigging on his show, but he “wouldn’t even know how to shoot that on film.”

He jokes, “I’d feature mohels but I don’t want to focus on their shortcomings.”

Still, he believes being a mohel is challenging and a snip above regular nine to fives.

He adds, “Any truly tough job has big risks, but even bigger rewards.”

America’s Toughest Jobs airs Fridays on NBC.

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