Friday, September 12, 2008

Celebs Audition For Unlikely Roles

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Titanic would’ve been a way different movie had Samuel L. Jackson been cast as the lead.

The film geeks over at, a website that features original short comedy flicks, wanted to know what some big Hollywood blockbusters would’ve been like if unlikely celebs had been chosen to star in them.

So, they created short videos called Lost Screen Tests that feature stars auditioning for roles they probably would’ve never gotten.

Among the videos are Samuel L. Jackson doing a reading with Kate Winslet, in which he repeatedly drops F-bombs and the word “bch” within the lines for Titanic.

They also feature Paris Hilton auditioning for Helen Mirren’s Oscar-winning role in The Queen, where the airhead heiress complains about her itchy “coochie” and offers to take off her top.

The realistic-looking videos, which have even fooled, use what spokesperson Ric Stewart calls the, “Star Imitation System.”

Editors replace the head of an unknown actor with that of the celeb and mold it seamlessly to look authentic.

He says, “We’ve taken technology to new heights to make fun of celebrities.”

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