Monday, August 18, 2008

Brawny Bugs Go For The Olympic Gold

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Cockroaches have the potential to be Olympic athletes.

If there were an Insect Olympics, cockroaches would exterminate the competition, especially in distance running.

According to Lyn Garling, of Penn State’s Entomology Department, a cockroach can run 50 times its body length per second – long enough to surely take home Olympic Gold.

Also representing for Team Insect would be fleas, since they can jump 100 times their body length, ensuring them a win in the high jump competition.

Garling says the flea feat is equivalent to a human jumping to the 70th floor of the Empire State Building.

In the weight lifting competition, ants would dominate with their super strength, which makes them the beefiest bugs of all.

However, not all insects are athletic at conventional sports.

For example, Garling says the queen bee’s only job is to mate and lay eggs.

Clearly, there is no Olympic medal awarded in that category.

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