Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eyeball Jewelry An Eyeful

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Eyeballs never looked so glamorous.

Designer Eric Klarenbeek is giving your eyeballs an extra bit of style with his line of eye jewelry, which consists of a long, crystal-covered wire on a contact lens that’s then placed on the eye.

Klarenbeek explains, “I was inspired by sadness. The crystals look like frozen tears. It was my way of making something beautiful out of someone’s imperfections.”

The designer tested dozens of prototypes for the eye accessory, enlisting his good friends as guinea pigs.

He says, “They weren’t worried at all that it would hurt their eyes or leave them blind. I even tested it on myself because I was curious to see what it felt like.”

Klarenbeek says the jewels feel strange at first, but after a while they’re “really good,” and can be worn or yanked out without problems.

He hopes buyers use the eyeball pieces to express themselves, but hopes they never get too popular, so he’s surprised when he sees one.

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