Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sideshow Star Plans To Chew Up, Spit Out Music World

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Fire-eating won’t make you a rock star – but it can’t hurt.

For the past seven years, sideshow star Insectavora has wowed crowds in Coney Island, New York, by eating fire, climbing a ladder of swords, eating glass, and getting cinder blocks smashed across her chest.

Insectavora – who also goes by Angelica – is moving into the music world, and she’s bringing along her shocking stunts – and tons of tattoos.

Angelica is covered head to toe in tats, including her face, and she says, “I’ll definitely do some fire eating on stage, but I don’t know about the glass eating. Apparently it’s not good for your insides.”

If her music doesn’t crash onto the scene, she’s already figured out another way to grab people’s attention.

Several times, Angelica’s shocking look has caused passing motorists to check her out for too long and bump into the car in front of them.

She says, “I love causing fender benders, it’s my favorite.”

Her debut album, Coriolis Effect, comes out June 9. For more info, check out myspace.com/insectavora.

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